Mill Flat Campsite

Mill Flat Campsite

Mount Richmond Forest Park


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Rob & Colleen Elwood

New Zealand

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Mill Flat is an extensive grassy opening on the floor of a mountain valley. It is surrounded on all sides by forest and in itself is on a kind of boundary between native beech forest and production pine plantations. The Pine Valley stream borders one side of the camping area and provides pristine fresh water and a deep icy swimming hole. There are long-drop toilets but no other facilities.
It is possible to drive an ordinary vehicle on the rough and dusty Pine Valley Road up to a parking area from which the Mill Flat campsite is an easy 25 minute walk .. including a swing bridge across the stream to the campsite. The carpark and adjacent swimming hole would be a pleasant site for a fully self contained vehicle. There is now a toilet at the car park. 4x4 vehicles with reasonable ground clearance can negotiate the ford which is quite deep and uneven. Do not attempt to cross this stream if the river is high.
Mill Flat is a good place for safe and easily accessible "wilderness" camping. A continuation of the walking track through Mill Flat leads to the site of the former Pine Valley Hut and eventually to the mountain track to the summit of Mt Fishtail and the Richmond Range.
Since the time of writing my previous comment and new long-drop toilet has been constructed at the car park

Reviewed over 2 years ago and experienced in July 2018