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Basic Cottages - Cottages 3: The Cottage


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There are 4 unique cottages available for those on a strict budget. All of our cottages are cosy and well maintained, with good quality beds

We provide linen (sheets, pillow cases, duvet and towel). There's a heater, kettle, toaster, crockery and cutlery in each cottage. Share the facilities and meet other travellers.

The Cottage is an authentic gold miners cottage built near the Shotover River in the 1920s and we’ve furnished it in this style. It was moved to Frankton before WW2 and then to our place during the 1960s. Our most popular cottage!

- Economy accommodation
- Sleeps 2 in double bed
- Heater, kettle, crockery, toaster, cutlery
- Bed: electric blanket, linen, duvet, towels provided
- Table and chairs
- Small fridge
- Ideal for a romantic backpacker couple


  • Base Rate (2 persons)