Diveworks Charters

Diveworks Charters


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New Zealand

Ranking: 10/10

First time fishing on a boat and we were wanting to go out to white island to target the kingfish, but unfortunately the weather wasnt going to be on our side, so the team at diveworks rang and let us know, and offered an alternative which we took instead. Phil and his crew were very helpful and accommodating, and promised us sore arms by the end of the day. A great days fishing had by all on the boat, and a wonderful array of species caught, including snapper, terakihi, porae, kingfish, kahwaii, not to mention the sighting of a big great white, which curiously came up to the boat. The crew was good, helping untangle the lines on the odd occasion they got mixed up and helping with removing the fish off the hooks, and to top it all off they fillet and bag the fish for free if you wish. All in all in excellent trip, and as promised by Phil our arms were tired from all the fish by the end of the day. A++ guys

Reviewed almost 10 years ago and experienced in March 2010