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Swimming with Dolphins on your own private charter.

Save $1,140 when booking your very own Swimming With Dolphins private charter.

Up to 12 friends can join on a charter together for just $1,200 per charter as opposed to $2,340 when booking 12 adults at the usual price.

This deal must be booked direct with Black Cat Cruises online by way of a gift voucher. We will then schedule your own private charter directly with you. This deal is not available with any other offer.

Click the book now button below to book your voucher and secure your exclusive once in a lifetime experience.

With Black Cat Cruises you will enjoy a once in a lifetime experience, supported by experienced local crew with world class facilities. Our experience and dedication to our local environment delivers a New Zealand must do activity here in Akaroa.

It’s the ultimate dolphin experience as you will be swimming with the endangered Hector’s Dolphin, the world’s rarest and smallest oceanic dolphin.

Hector’s dolphins are protected in Akaroa Harbour by a marine mammal sanctuary and our dolphin cruise gives you the chance to see and swim with these beautiful marine mammals close up in the wild in their natural habitat.

Hector’s dolphins are endemic to New Zealand, meaning that you will not find them anywhere else in the world, and Akaroa is the only place you can take a trip out to swim with them.

An encounter with a Hector’s dolphin in the wild is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Black Cat Cruises donate a portion of all ticket sales back to the education and research of the endangered Hector’s dolphin, and we offer a fantastic dolphin guarantee policy due to our high swim success rate. This is possibly why Black Cat Cruises dolphin swim experience is listed in the Lonely Planet guide as on of the ‘Top 10 Marine Mammal Experiences in The World’!


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