Otira Hotel

Otira Hotel

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Self-contained vehicles are welcome
No more than 2 consecutive nights
No fires

Please support the Otira Hotel as the managers/owners have been very helpful in getting this free site up and running!

Campers are welcome to use the designated area set aside, the camping area is a large gravel area between the Hotel and the Art Gallery.


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  • 5 Rankers Reviews

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    • Nice spot.
    • Perfect place for campvan.
    • Lovely spot and lovely owners.
    • This place no longer caters to campers.
    • Excellent spot.

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  • Reviewed 11 months ago


    This place no longer caters to campers.

    After enquiring about spending the night in my self-contained campervan the owner reponded with a vehement "No."

    He then proceeded to tell me: "It's $20 to park here but there's no toilets." He then turned to his friend and chuckled saying "that usually gets rid of most people."

    I was a little surprised so asked to confirm "You said no toilets?"

    He replied with: "They're locked and it's not free, and never will be again."

    Throughout the exchange he wouldn't even look me in the eye. It was a strange experience for me and the first time I've encountered that as a tourist in New Zealand.

    I don't understand the high ratings for this place because I sensed borderline hostility towards campers.

    I'm posting this to save others the inconvenience, especially if they arrive late in the day. Thankfully, in my case, there was enough daylight left to make it to the west coast and stay in a decent Holiday Park.

    Will S's avatar

    Will S

  • Reviewed over 1 year ago


    Perfect place for campvan.

    Hotel 20 meters away. It has a very unique restaurant with delicious food and friendly staff. The bar like a mini museum. It also has playground and kids zoo. My children have lots of fun here.

    Definitely will back again for short break or stay overnight.

    Tao's avatar


  • Reviewed over 1 year ago


    Lovely spot and lovely owners.

    Very interesting inside, all kinds of interesting things to look at. Horse and Guine Pigs outside. The quirkiness of this stop is amazing.

    Sierra's avatar


  • Reviewed over 1 year ago


    Nice spot.

    Can be a bit noisy but this didn't affect us. Woke up with a cute friendly horse by our campervan.

    Patricia's avatar


  • Reviewed over 1 year ago


    Excellent spot.

    Well looked after plumbed in toilets and rubbish/recycling bins to use, flat gravel car park to fit maybe around 10 vehicles.

    The camping area is right next to a small paddock full of a variety of novelty animals like miniature horses, guinea pigs and more.

    The hotel/cafe itself is worth checking out even if not planning to stay the night, full of all sorts of quirky antiques and history of the area, apparently rated NZs most interesting cafe it’s like a mini museum.

    Staff were very friendly and the hotel had a (very minimal) bar and food etc for sale at the cafe.

    Trucks were a little noisy during the night travelling past but not too bad.

    Great stop for the night while travelling either way through Arthur’s Pass.

    Michael's avatar