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The fly-in, fly-out Flying Fox Heli Hike combines the excitement of walking on the Fox Glacier with the thrill of helicopter flights. By flying in you are able to access and explore a part of the glacier where its forces work hardest and often create spectacular ice caves and arches.

Equipped with leather walking boots and other equipment, you board the helicopter for your first flight over the pinnacles of the lower icefall. Here, the ice is in constant motion.

Your landing site on the ice is a remote and exceptionally beautiful part of the glacier. You will see the stunning Victoria Falls, which is the melt river from the hidden Victoria glacier. At this stage, your guide outfits you with crampons, specially designed for these ice conditions and you follow the ice steps cut by your guide as you explore the amazing ice formations.

Each departure is a true voyage of exploration. There are so many changing features that the guides often find something new. Weather permitting, ice time is up to 3 hours. Please note that this is a natural and ever-changing environment. Ice features change constantly and no guarantee can be given that specific features will be seen.

- Any Essential Medication
- 3-4 layers of warm upper body clothing
- Sunglasses and sun protection
- A drink and snacks are useful
- A warm hat and gloves
- A Camera
- NO Drones
- Jeans are not recommended

- Leather Boots
- Socks
- Crampons
- Walking poles
- Waterproof Jacket
- Overtorusers
- Backpack
- A great day on the ice!

Conditions apply

Limited spaces, Subject to availability, trip is weather dependent