Rankers TravellerVoted Awards 2011


Do you have an award ceremony?

Well, yes we do. And it's an unusual affair.....

The 2011 Rankers Awards Night, by candle-light,
Nettlebed Cave, Motueka Valley.

(Edited transcription of this legendary event)

Right! Oy! Settle down! Speech time!
Here's Doctor Nick.
For one minute only.
Subject: The Rankers TravellerVoted Awards 2011

You may know or not. Every traveller related experience is on our rankers site is ready to be ranked. 10,000 of these rankings, (votes), came in, this past year.

Using them, we've found our finalists in all categories that reached the required number of votes.

From all the finalists, we use the TRAVELLER PROVIDED DATA to find our winners in each of these categories. Yeah! You might not have realised, but we are thorough!

Then from the top scores, overall, we get our Four Supreme Winners. To reign supreme.

What you doing up here on the platform, Cy Silvertail?

Doctor Nick, I gotta make a special mention. Green Glow Adventures of Waitomo takes out the Supreme Award for All Activities in NZ
FOR THE SECOND YEAR RUNNING. A huge achievement once, let alone twice. So, Kia Kaha to Paul and Family, of Green Glow Adventures, Waitomo.

But wait, there's more:

These wide-ranging awards of ours also include Free Activities in NZ. And our wonderful rankers travellers voted on them also.
Hey, and we have some interesting results for Dept of Conservation Experiences too, so check these out:

Top DOC Campground - Purakaunui Bay Camping Ground - Catlins Coast
Top DOC Short Walk - Wharariki Beach walking track - Farewell Spit
Top DOC Day Walk - Lake Marion - Fiordland National Park
Top DOC Multi Day Walk - Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk

One minute's up Folks. Time for some quick curly questions!

Every traveller activity is on your site, Dr Nick??

For sure. Has to be. Every activity, attraction, transport, holiday park and department of conservation (DOC) experience in NZ is automatically eligible. Over 4000 experiences qualified for this year's awards.

That must make for a lot of awards!

Sure does. 37 winners and 46 finalists. It's a strength of our system. Our Awards cover NZ tourism.

Cost to enter?

Nothing. No forms to fill in. We've got the data from the people and the travellers, best judges of all.

Why did you create these Awards?

You got all night?! Hey, seriously, Rankers is the people's site. This is the only travel award of its type in NZ where the people speak. So, award winners are those folk who look after other people best. If that's not good for you, I'm not Doctor Nick. Any more questions?

How are the winners chosen, exactly?

Experiences are assessed by travellers logging on our site. They offer reviews, and ranking scores, from 1 to 10. These count over a full year, not just the current standing.

Why are there no awards for some categories?

Some didn't have enough reviews to qualify.

How come some categories have fewer finalists than others?

Look, categories with the most...I mean, the most reviews and a number of strong qualifiers, they will have a winner and two finalists. Those with fewer reviews and qualifiers have less finalists. Fair's fair, you know.

How many awards can each tourism operator win?

One category award. No multiple category award winners. The tourism operator gains their award in the category of highest achievement. Got a nice ring, don't you reckon: "Category of highest achievement"?

Annual event?

Yep. This is our third series. And, like our Rankers website, interest is growing. Just like my thirst. Where's that little bottle? Ahhhh...Health beverage, y'know. Time's up! Cheers!

Please contact Rankers if you have any further questions.