Traveller Voted Awards 2009


What does the Traveller Voted award stand for?

Our moto for this award is ‘People looking after People’. It showcases the heart of our tourism industry: our People. Those operators that look after people and manage customer expectations best are rewarded in these awards.

Who can enter the traveller voted awards?

Every activity, attraction and transport operator listed on is automatically eligible.

How much does it cost to enter?

Nothing. Winners and Finalists are given a digital file of their award at no cost to show the world that they are the peoples choice.

How were the winners chosen?

Tourism operators were assessed upon their performance on for a full year - not just their current standing.

How many awards can each tourism operator win?

One. Any tourism operator tagged to multiple categories receive the single highest award they apply for. No multiple award winners.

How come some categories have less finalists than others?

Categories with the most reviews and a number of strong qualifiers have one winner and two finalists. Categories with less reviews and qualifiers have less finalists.

Why are no awards for some categories?

Some categories didn’t enough reviews to qualify for this years awards.

Are the awards an annual event?

Yes. We are already assessing performance for next years awards.

Please contact Rankers if you have any further questions.