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Respect NZ Camping Map

The Respect NZ Camping Map is New Zealand's most comprehensive database of freely available camping information. This is the only travel map of its kind in NZ. Every camping location is shown on this free map - a first for NZ. Over 500 freedom camping spots spread around the country, plus hundreds of well equipped holiday parks.

Officially backed by all council representatives, Department of Conservation asset managers, and holiday park owners. No other camping map has been officially sanctioned and kept up-to-date by those who are responsible for enforcement. If the camping site is on the map, the relevant authority has approved it. Well-informed travellers can relax in the security of knowledge, while still enjoying their freedom.

New Zealand is a campervan nirvana - a small, sparsely populated country with friendly locals and scenic serenity. This unique travel mix has led to a large upsurge in motorhome travel over the last decade. When it comes to freedom camping, a lack of respect in some instances has tested many locals' patience, while a lack of information has left the traveller feeling confused. This map helps us all. If you respect New Zealand, the locals will respect you in return, and good times abound!

Check out the Camping Map!

Why have we created the Respect NZ camping map?

Travelling Aotearoa by campervan is a pilgrimage to be experienced.

Problem - Campervan travellers are unsure where they're allowed to stay.

Solution - A nation-wide map that shows all legal camping areas in NZ.

The Respect NZ Camping Map was born. It shows every NZ camping location, on one map.

It’s NZ’s official camping map. All council representatives, Department of Conservation managers, and Holiday Park owners, have access to the database - to make changes as they happen.

So if the camping site is on the map, it's approved and you're allowed to stay. Relax and enjoy your pilgrimage.