About Rankers

Campervan FAQs

Rankers has brought transparent reviews to the Campervan market over the past 10 years.

Why did we start Campervan reviews?

We owned a popular NZ Sea Kayak company for over 10 years. When speaking with our customers who were travelling by campervan, we were consistently told about frustrations of hidden surprises and misleading practice within some campervan booking systems (particularly around insurance and bond). People often felt hijacked upon their arrival in NZ. After hearing this feedback, time again, we'd heard enough. We set about creating a review and booking system based around advocating for the traveller.

How is our booking system good for you?

By using this system, you don't have to feel hijacked like so many travellers before you. We've highlighted the common booking issues, which include;

Avoid misleading brands

The campervan companies you choose from on Rankers are true brands and companies. There are 3rd party websites that create sub-brands to create an illusion of greater availability.

Avoid misleading availability

NZ is now extremely busy over peak times. Some booking agents show prices for all campervans, even when they know that many aren't available. You'll book and pay a deposit anyway. They do this because once invested, you're more likely to book another vehicle with them.

Avoid hidden surprises

We highlight the major issues that lead to hidden surprises that you might not know about until you actually pick up your vehicle.

On top of that…

Our system backed by 10 years of quality, authentic reviews. There's over 80 000 of them. A real person has read every single one.

We're locals who have worked in the NZ tourism trade for over 20 years. We have intimate knowledge of NZ and the NZ travel industry.

How does this booking system stand alone?

By highlighting the causes of hidden surprises and not following the practice mentioned above, our booking system is different to the norm. Plus all companies reviews are treated exactly the same way (with an algorithm that applies the same rules for all). It's the cleanest review system that we know of. We hope in the future that booking systems that advocate for the traveller becomes more standard within the industry.

Are all NZ campervan companies represented on the comparison table?

No. There's a small amount of companies that would have appeared on the first page, but don't wish to support the Rankers booking system that advocates for the traveller. Around 80% of campervan companies in NZ are represented on the table.

Do companies pay a commission to be part of our booking system

When you book through Rankers, the company pays us a commission. This is the lowest travel commission rate that we know of in the world.

By paying us this small commission, it enables companies to support a system that advocates for the traveller. Without this support, the Rankers independent review platform can't exist.

Do I pay more because of this commission?

No. You pay exactly the same amount than you normally would. The companies cover this small commission fee themselves. By booking through Rankers, you're supporting a system that supports you.