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Kia ora, Cymen here from Rankers.

You’ve probably heard the stories around online reviews and whether they can be trusted. After 10 years of witnessing some less than favourable behaviour (by tourism owners and travellers alike), we can say that some of these stories are well founded. Any online review service is subject to the shady side of the online world and it’s a tough nut to combat. But we've learnt alot and do our best. Here’s what we do:

Every review is read by a real person - computer checks are excellent, but they only go so far.

If we find or learn about incorrect facts, then the review is suspended.

Anonymous reviews don’t cut it. Having your say goes both ways, a reviewer has to own their feedback.

Tourism operators have a right of reply. It provides both sides of the story.

On top of online reviews, you can view our face-to-face review results for further depth and transparency.

More about face-to-face reviews

If you have any feedback for us then we're all ears, drop me a line at

Safe travels to you

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Cymen Crick

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